Lipstick Lip Gloss Moisturizing Lip Gloss Lipstick


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Net: 3.8g/piece


B022 Coral red B023 Bright orange B024 Babie pink

B025 Carmine red B026 Classic red

B027 Cherry red B028 Light red B029 Rose purple

B030 Orange B031 Retro red

Product ingredients:

★Carnauba Wax

★Tocopherol [Vitamin E]


1) Moisturizing and moisturizing

While moisturizing the lips, this lip balm can help moisturizing the skin of the lips, it is easy to color, cover the lip lines, and make the lips more hydrated and charming.

2) Classic color system

There are as many as 10 colors to choose from to meet your different preferences. With one swipe, the color is rich and pure, transparent and shiny, without heavy feeling, allowing you to change all kinds of makeup at will.

3) Fashionable and charming makeup

The specific moisturizing ingredients of the paste can delicately adhere to the lips, lock the color without taking off makeup, interpret the radiant and natural color, and show your beautiful and charming temperament.

4) Easy to use

Delicate and compact appearance, easy to carry around, the texture of the paste is moderately soft and hard, and the touch is silky and smooth, which can easily describe the desired makeup look, and can be easily controlled by girls who are not very good at makeup.

5) Plant emollients

Use natural food-grade plant ingredients, no lead or toxic substances,

Create reassuring beauty products! You may eat lipstick in your mouth without any problem~

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm

Barbie Pink, Carmine, Classic red, Coral Red, Orange, Peach pink, Pumpkin color, Retro Red, Rose purple, Tender red


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